Copper bath installation, Elle Decor March 2016

Copper bath installation, Elle Decor magazine March 2016

Introducing Geoff Ross, owner of Copper Bath Australia.

Coming from an architectural salvage background, I became overwhelmed by images of centuries old copper baths that were  being unearthed in France at the time.

In 2007 I introduced copper baths to my well known Cape Town store,

Six years later, armed with tons of experience, confidence and a growing range of baths, basins and taps, I  joined forces with Melbourne based Caryl Blomkamp to open locally in 2012.

Some of the reasons designers architects and lay designers love our baths are:

Copper fulfills environmental criteria by heating quickly and maintaining water temperature efficiently.

Our designs blend into to just about any design concept.

They gain value and look better over the decades.

One can speed up the aging process with the assistance of a variety of ingredients, for instance salt and vinegar will bring out an attractive sheen of verdigris. Ask us more about this.

We can fashion a custom size and finish for your application.

Drop me a mail leaving your contact number  and I will call you to discuss your ideas further.

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